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Naba krushna Choudhury Centre for Development Studies   Institutional Lecture Series

Institutional Lecture Series & Guest Lectures


Kalinga Lecture Series

·         Prof. Samir K. Ghosh, Sociologist, UNESCO: ‘Sustainable Development – A Critique’, 1991.

·         Prof. Prabhat Patnaik, Professor of Economics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi:  ‘Technological Change and Unemployment’, 1993.

·         Prof. B. B. Bhattacharya, Professor of Economis, Institute of Economic Growth Delhi: ‘Economic Liberalisation and Socio-Economic Transformation’, 1994.

·         Prof. T.K. Oommen, Professor of Sociology, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi: ‘Social Transformation in Independent India – Trajectory and Implications’, 1995.

·         Prof. Kirit S. Parikh, Director, Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai: ‘Ensuring Food Security’ and ‘Environmentally Sustainable Development’ 1995.

·         Dr. C. Rangarajan, Governor of Orissa: ‘East Asian Crisis: What Lessons?’, 2000.

·         Prof. V.R. Panchmukhi, Chairman, Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi: i) ‘Fifty Years of Development Struggle in India and the World’, ii) ‘Millennium Development Goals of the UN- Challenges in India’ iii) ‘Indian Classical Thoughts on Economic Development and Management’, June, 2004.

·         Prof. B. K. Roy Burman, Retd. Professor of Anthropology: ‘Ethnicity, Human Rights and Development’ October 2004.

·         Prof. Pranab K. Bardhan, Professor of Economics, University of California, Berkeley, USA: “The Global and the Local in the Lives of the Poor”, January 2005.

·         Prof. Michael Cernea, Research Professor of Anthropology and International Affairs, George Washington University and Senior Advisor, World Bank: i) Development-Induced Resettlement: Theory, Topology and Policy Formulation, ii) Can Compensation Prevent Impoverishment? Novel International Experiences in Economic Issues in Rehabilitation and Resettlement, iii) Modelling Resettlement: The Allocation of Pains and Gains - Risks, Safeguards and Reconstruction in Private and Public Sector Projects and the “Equator Principles”, December 2005.

·         Prof. Amiya Kumar Bagchi, Director, Institute of Development Studies, Kolkata: ‘Transitions in Human Well being’, May 2007.

·         Prof. Prasant K. Pattnaik, Emeritus Professor, Dept. of Economics, University of California, Riverside, USA: ‘Economics and the Ethical Bases of Public Policies’, December 2010.

·         Prof. Yoginder K. Alagh, Noted Economist, Former Union Minister, Govt. of India and at present Chancellor, Central University, Gujarat: ‘Technology and the Future of Indian Agriculture’, 29.01.2014.


Nabakrushna Choudhury Memorial Lectures

·         Prof. Debiprasanna Patnaik, eminent Linguist: ‘Multi-lingualism-Multi-culturalism- The Context of Development’, 23.11.1995.

·         Shri Raj Mohan Gandhi, eminent Social Activist: ‘India's Place in the World’, 23.06.1996.

·         Prof. Prasanta K. Pattnaik, Emeritus Professor, Dept. of Economics, University of California, Riverside, USA: ‘Measurement of Deprivation’, July 1997.

·         Prof. Amit Bhaduri, Professor of Economics, Presidency College, Calcutta: ‘Globalisation and India’s Unemployment Problem’, 29.01.2007.

·         Prof. T.S. Papola, ICSSR National Fellow & Honorary Professor, Institute of Studies in Industrial Development, New Delhi: ‘Economic Growth, Inclusiveness and Regional Disparities: India’s Experience of Last Two Decades’, 13.07.2012.

·         Prof. S. Mahendra Dev, Director (Vice-Chancellor), Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai: ‘Five Disappointments in Post-Reform Period’, 31.10.2013.


Guest Lectures

·         Prof. Prasant K. Pattnaik, Department of Economics, University of California, USA delivered a lecture, ‘Welfare Economics and Individual Freedom’ on 28.12.1992.

·         Prof. Amiya Kumar Bagchi, Director, Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta delivered a lecture, ‘New Economic Policy’ on 22.01.1993.

·         Prof. Manoranjan Mohanty, Department of Political Science, University of Delhi delivered a lecture, ‘Conceptual Changes in Social Sciences’ on 11.02.1993.

·         Prof. John G. Adair, University of Manitoba, Canada delivered a lecture, ‘The Development and Indigenisation of the Social Sciences in Developing Countries’ on 16.03.1993.

·         Sri S.B. Agnihotri, IAS delivered a lecture, ‘Sex Ratio in India: Its Spatial Dimensions’ on 21.04.1995.

·         Prof. Prasant Patnaik, Department of Economics, University of California, USA delivered a lecture, ‘Measurement of Standard of Living’ on 25-26 July, 1995.

·         Prof. Bidhu Bhusan Das, Former D.P.I (Higher Education), Government of Orissa delivered a lecture, ‘Crisis in Education’ on 17.11.1995.

·         Dr. Laxmidhar Mishra, IAS, Additional Development Commissioner and Principal Secretary, Planning and Co- ordination Department, Govt. of Orissa delivered a lecture, ‘Economic Development in Orissa’ on 18.11.1995.

·         Shri P.K. Hota, IAS, Commissioner-cum-Secretary to Govt. of Orissa, Housing and Urban Development Department delivered a lecture on ‘Privatisation – The World Experience and an Indian Agenda’ in

Dec 1997.

·         Shri B.K. Patnaik, IAS, Commissioner-cum-Secretary to Govt. of Orissa, Agriculture Department, delivered a lecture on ‘Agricultural Policy of Govt. of Orissa’ in January 1998.

·         Prof. Suresh D. Tendulkar, Delhi School of Economics delivered a Lecture on ‘Economic Reforms in India’ in March 1998.

·         Dr. R.N. Pradhan, Reader in Economics, Delhi School of Economics delivered a lecture on ‘Sovereign Debt and External Debt Crisis of India: A Critical Investigation’.

·         Dr. Sukant Kumar Misra, Associate Professor, Dept. of Agriculture and Applied Economics, Texas Tech. University, USA, delivered a lecture on ‘Research Methodology’.

·         Prof. Robert Winthrop, Dept. of Anthropology, University of Oregon delivered a lecture on ‘Tribals Federal Relations in USA’.

·         Ms. Tara Nair, EDI, Ahmedabad delivered a lecture on ‘Indian Press: Analysis of its Structural Characteristics’.

·         Dr. Keshab Das, Gujarat Institute of Development Research, Ahmedabad delivered a Lecture on ‘Understanding Informal Sector: Estimation Issues’.

·         Shri Rathikanta Kumbhar, Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram gave a Seminar on ‘Food Security in Regional Perspective with Special Reference to Public Distribution System: Case Study of Orissa’.

·         Dr. R.N. Pradhan, Associate Professor, Delhi School of Economics gave a Seminar on ‘Entry Fee Structure and Efficiency of OSFAM: A Micro Theoretic Analysis’.

·         Dr. (Mrs) B.V. Kitching, Faculty, Business School of International Business, Queensland University of Technology, Australia gave a seminar on ‘Problems and Prospects for Women in Business in Nigeria and China’.

·         Prof. N. Krishnaji, the eminent economist and former Professor, Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram delivered the lecture, “Kerala Milestones – On the Parliamentary Road to Socialism” on 14.3.2007, as part of the Distinguished Lecture series instituted by the ICSSR under the auspices of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India to commemorate India’s 150th year of First War of Independence.

·         Prof. Ashok Guha, National Fellow in Economics, delivered a lecture under the Distinguished Lecture Series funded by ICSSR on, ‘East and West in the World Economy’ on 14.3.2008.

·         Prof. Prasanta K. Pattanaik, Professor of the Graduate Division, Department of Economics, University of California, Riverside, USA delivered a lecture on On the Concept of Capability in Development Economicson 27.1.2012.

·         Prof. Subrata K. Mitra, Chairman, Asia Development Forum delivered a lecture on Iconizing the Nation in France and India: Marianne and Bharat Mata in Comparative Perspectiveon 21.3.2012.

·         Prof. S.R. Hashim, Former Member, Planning Committee, Chairman, UPSC, and now Chairman, IASSI delivered a Lecture on ‘How Perception About Poverty and Its Measurement have changed over Time’ on 7.6.2013.


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