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Faculty Details

Designation Email ID Photo
Prof. Srijit Mishra

Director (from 11.09.2015) (Official)

Dr. Rajkishore Meher

Professor of Industrial Sociology (from 19.06.2015;was Reader in Industrial Sociology up to 18.06.2015)

Dr. Shibalal Meher

Reader in Industrial Economics (from 19.06.2015;was Sr. Lecturer in Industrial Economics up to 18.06.2015)

Dr. (Mrs) Rashmi Mishra

Reader in Sociology (from 19.06.2015; was Sr. Lecturer in Sociology up to 18.06.2015)

Dr. Nilakantha Panigrahi

Research Associate in Social Anthropology (on lien from 21.09.2013),

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